Esré has created a product that brings communication back to your marriage

Kurt & Esré Ackermann live in Vredendal, a rural town along the West Coast of Africa, with their son Rolf. Esré is a full time mother and home maker – this is a role that she finds fulfilling. Esré’s husband, Kurt, currently works in Nigeria and they have been in a commuting relationship for a while now. Esré is not a psychologist or marriage counselor and has no formal training. Dare2Share comes from her heart and was created from her experiences in her life and her marriage.

Dare2Share was born due to Esré and Kurt’s commuting styled relationship as well as the realisation that communication is crucial in order to maintain a healthy marriage. Within weeks of using the Dare2Share product in their marriage, they experienced an immense blessing and this became the inspiration to share what had been created by them. Dare2Share was born and Esré’s vision was realised. Her goal was to create a space where couples would grow in communication and would re-discover and enjoy each other and have loads of fun doing it! Her wish is that couples would look forward to these “intimate sharing moments” and that they would set boundaries and make it a priority to spend time together.

The heart of our product is to create a space for couples to re-discover, re-new, and re-kindle their love for each other.

Dare2share is a daring, communication game specially created for married couples to start communicating in a fun way and by doing so, rediscover and understand each other anew. It consists of 238 communication cards packed in a box. Each card has 4 – 6 questions and covers every thinkable facet of marriage. Each card is as big as a postcard and covered with a gloss layer like playing cards.



  • To create a space where couples will have time for each other
  • To learn to communicate and unlock each other’s hearts
  • To re-discover and understand each other anew
  • To have fun and enjoy humour in your marriage
  • To enjoy each other the way God intended


Our lives are so rushed that we live past each other, which often results in broken relationships and later broken families! Communication is one of the corner stones for a healthy relationship and thus a healthy marriage and healthy children. When your children are healthy, society is healthy too! It is sad, but true that there are couples out there who have never tasted a deeper level of communication with their partner where they can share emotions, fears, dreams and needs. Circumstances have led to couples building walls around themselves. Dare2Share offers the opportunity to, in an enjoyable manner, break down those walls and to rediscover what God initially gave for our enjoyment!

Extramarital relationships often start with a willing ear. Why not channel that energy and time to your partner and by doing so ensure that your marriage stays healthy? Most couples hunger for intimacy within their marriages, but so few experience it! It is truly heartbreaking, but with Dare2Share you will eventually experience it, as long as you are prepared to play by the rules!


Dare 2 share is about bringing intimate communications back to your marriage in a fun and enjoyable way.

Esre Ackermann - Founder