Our newest product, Dare2Share Kids

This product is a tool that facilitates communication between parents and their children as follows:

  • creates a relationship between parent and child
  • puts topics on the table that children would want to discuss with their parents.

This tool challenges parents to arrange for conflict-free, alone time with their children individually and to learn the skills to actively listen to their children. The cards create a platform where your children can communicate their honest opinions, needs, and feelings without the parent airing their opinions or advice.

Why is communication necessary? Children have a need to spend alone time with their parents, individually, without a brother or sister. This quality alone time with a parent makes them feel loved, special, and secure. Every child has a need to voice their opinions, feelings, and needs so that these are recognised and respected even if their parents do not agree with it. If parents allow their children to be honest with them, they create a platform where their children feel safe and confident communicating openly with their parents. Parents can in turn help their children to talk about their negative feelings as well as experiences in a healthy way to process these feelings instead of suppressing it with drugs or alcohol, or even falling into depression.


To find out more about our new product please contact us through this website. Alternatively if you would like to purchase this product please head over to our shop to buy the original product, or be on the lookout for the app that is coming out soon!

Dare2share Kids