Our Team


Ever since Esré could remember, she desired to be married and start a family of her own. While other young women dreamt of a career, Esré dreamt of a glorious marriage and a wonderful family of her own. This drive and passion for family and homemaking is what inspired Esré to create Dare2share.

Esré is passionate about her marriage. Marriage to her is not only to enjoy each other, laugh, joke, and cry together, but also to give of herself 100% in her marriage and to look for ways to create a safe environment for her husband to come home to after a long and day. She strives to be a conscious parent that is available at all times and is constantly looking for opportunities to connect with her child, set healthy boundaries, and be a good role model.

“I’ve realised that all of this is only possible if I build on my own relationship with Jesus Christ. Improve your relationship with Jesus to improve the other relationships in your life. Only then can it be done!” Dare2share is something that Esré strives for. It is a journey and not the end destination!


There are a few things that I am truly passionate about. Two of them are my wife and my son. As a father it is my job to be both the leader and priest of my house and to see my household reach their full potential in life.

I must encourage, guide and empower them to reach for more than they thought they are able to. This route of personal growth in them, is marked with small and sometimes large achievements but never an end destination. It is the journey of getting there, it is travelling the road less travelled and exploring their inner self.

This is what drives me to coach and help them along the way. I am only able to do this through the power of Jesus Christ vested in me. Only He can give me the real wisdom (not worldly wisdom) to achieve these goals for only He sees the road ahead.