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Dare2share was born due to Kurt & Esre’s Ackermann’s commuting styled relationship since 2007.  As a Christian family their realization to maintain their long distance marriage, would be that Jesus Christ should be the foundation of their Covenant relationship and that communication would also be crucial in order to keep it healthy.  Within weeks of using the Dare2share product in their marriage they experienced immense blessing and this became the inspiration to share what had been created by them as a Christian couple.  The heart of this product is to create a space for couples to re-discover, re-new and re-kindle their love for each other.

The Product

The Dare2share product consist of a box in which are held cards. The cards are in a specific sequence and the questions are progressively intense and more sensitive! It is therefore suggested that patience be displayed and the sequence be followed, in order not to jeopardise the series! Romantic suggestions and ideas in the form of “Dare” cards have been included in order to keep the game exciting and to enable couples to enjoy humour and have fun the way that we believe God intended it to be!

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